Who Am I?

Autonomous artist Tubien van Wulften (1986) lives and works in the Netherlands. In 2013, she graduated from the Fotoacademie (Photography Academy) in Amsterdam. In her work, photography is the starting point, while she uses and explores other techniques and materials. She also describes herself as Tubien artist with camera.

Artist statement

'I have to move through all of the impossibilities before I reach the possibilities'

I am concerned with finding out who I am, how I can find happiness and whether or not the world and reality are malleable. My camera helps me to capture the world in an intuitive manner. Afterwards, I use other techniques - paint, text, collage - to express my emotions and thoughts about the world. After the image has been completed, I explore in a playful manner in what way the images can be expressed best. Often, this is an installation. I hope my work invites people in my own search or to consider their own questions.