The Whole Reality

When you experience something, you never experience the whole of reality.
By chopping my subject into pieces, merging several photos, a whole is created. Not completely comprehensible, not in forms we know. A new image emerges.

―The Eem

Suppose I can give the Eem a voice, what does that look like visually? First of all you have to become the Eem. What do you feel then? What do you see?


This is by far the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Put this side of myself fully in the light. THE DARKSIDE. My latest project. On the internet, where everyone can see it.

Trees of NY

We tend to forget in a city what is most important.

Nature Calling

If nature could talk what would it say? Would this shout for attention? That the animals disappear, the rainforests, the coral? And what does this look like visually? These questions were a source of inspiration for Tubien to start the ‘Nature Calling’ series after a backpack trip in Asia.


In this photographic installation, Tubien investigates how images influence each other, whether it be in the shape of images imposed by the media, convictions from home which are carried along unbeknownst or undesired, or personal (negative) thoughts which ‘colour’ thinking.

Exhibition contemporary art mixed media the other me's Tubien

The Other me's

This very personal search for that other someone resulted in a series of portraits which investigate the borders between reality and fantasy, between myself and a character.

Searching for Happiness

For some time I was depressed, and the only thing I could think about was that I felt miserable, how can I be happy again? These thoughts were my starting point for my project. The outcome is an photographic installation.

Photograpic installation searching for happiness tubien
Living In

Huizen, The Netherlands