Palm Oil Plantation

The disappearance of the rainforest and the endangered species living there.

In September 2016, Tubien left for Asia for a few months. Her main goal was to see orang-utans in the wild, a childhood dream. Because of the relentless deforestation and habitat reduction of the orang-utans, the urgency to go was increased.

She did not see orang-utans in the wild. Instead, she had to go to a so-called rehabilitation centre, where displaced orang-utans are taken care of. The enormous amount of palm oil plantations almost looked like jungle to her. This experience, where she saw with her own eyes how the jungle is destroyed and what this means for the animals who live there, inspired her to create the work Palm Oil Plantation.

The image consists of compressed images of plantations, to stress the quantity, and the hidden animals close to extinction. It's printed transparently on perspex to emphasise their status as endangered and disappearing species.