Influences – Surroundings

In this photographic installation, Tubien investigates how images influence each other, whether it be in the shape of images imposed by the media, convictions from home which are carried along unbeknownst or undesired, or personal (negative) thoughts which 'colour' thinking.
Because of the transparent images in this installation, the whole (the rear image) cannot be seen in itself, without a layer in front or behind altering the image.

Maybe you wish to view things with an open mind, without any judgment, but this is nearly impossible in practice. Observation is inherently subjective. Because of the design of this installation, the audience is challenged to observe through the many layers of obscurity and influence. When there's an insight into what clouds judgment, there's space to develop a new perspective.

This investigation has led to two installations, both of which frequently use double exposure: two prints in one picture. It's a technique which creates dreamlike results due to the merging of images.

Influences- surroundings

This installation addresses the environments and the world, containing images from nature and the human influence on nature. The images are surreal and represent Tubien's imagination. How does imagination influence one's world? Can the world be seen separately from imagination? How does that work for other influences, like images imposed by the media? Is it possible to view things independently? Are we all being manipulated? With this installation, Tubien shows that it is impossible to see the full picture. There is no objectivity.