―De Eem

―The Eem. Video installation by Tubien van Wulften | Filmeditor: Karlijn van Dam

Commissioned by Eugene Zaaijer & Stichting vrienden van de Eemhaven


As humans we are often removed from nature. Especially in a city you are not dealing with nature. Getting your train or your next appointment on time is quite a challenge. However, there is a lot of tranquility in the middle of the city if you look closely. The Eem is not a thing, it is a living energy. Something from which you can draw peace, inspiration and hope.

Suppose I can give the Eem a voice, what does that look like visually? First if all you have to become the Eem. What do you feel then? What do you see? What kind of “personality” does the Eem have? What can we as humans learn from the Eem?

These questions became the starting point for artist Tubien van Wulften. The other view of the city that she was allowed to give with this assignment is made for her. Besides being an artist, she is also a passionate diver with her love for water and marine life. She literally dove into the Eem and experienced peace in the middle of the city.

“I really came to love Amersfoort because of the Eem”.