Artist with Camera

Autonomous Artist Tubien van Wulften (1986) lives and works in the Netherlands. Photography is the starting point in her work, but she uses and researches other techniques.

Tubien van Wulften

Tubien, Artist with Camera

I am concerned with who I am, the connection with nature and the makebility of the world. That there are multiple truths, because we always look subjectively. I use the subjects that touch me to make people aware of their and other realities. My photo camera helps me to capture my world in an intuitive way. Then I use other techniques – painting, text, relief – to express my feelings and thoughts about the world in layers. The layers help me to combine the physical world with the subjective world in my head. This often results in an installation with plexiglass, a material that pleases me because it suggests that reality is tangible and at the same time makes visible how realities exist on / next to / in each other.


‘The sky isn’t the limit
your mind is’ 

Living In

Huizen, The Netherlands